Me berry bad. Me make you do math again.

The number of spam and bot posts arriving in the comments section is steadily rising. Steven Herod’s “simple math question” in the Did You Pass Math plug-in had stopped that dead-in-the-water, so I have to turn it back on.

Here’s the best way to make sure you don’t get caught by the fact that your arithmetic skills are likely far better than Mr. Herod’s: compose your comments in your favorite word processor and paste them into the comment section or simply press [Control+A] to select your prose, and [Control+C] to copy it, before hitting the Submit Copy button.



In real life, I have engineered solutions for small business for more than 20 years at the Harper Company. The rest of the time I chair an arts council and am a writer and regional photographer.

I am a contributing columnist for New England’s oldest afternoon daily. I write trade and general interest articles on consumer issues, cars and boats, manufacturing equipment, and management for small businesses and arts organizations. As an outdoor and nature photographer, I offer fine art and stock photography from New England, Florida, the Southwest, and around the United States.

I don’t want a blog — blogs are too much work. I have told everyone I know that I’m not going to commit to writing regular entries in a blog.

I have a blog.

Here are the top five reasons I’ve decided to go ahead.

5. I’m a creative genius with a need to publish. We
know that’s not true. Oh, I’m indeed a creative genius
but I already churn out 50K words each year for a real
local fishwrap.

4. It’s do this or finish renovating the kitchen. There is a
lot of truth to that although most writers will use any job
(absolutely anything) to avoid writing.
3. I’ve tried complaining to my family and they don’t
listen. So here I can complain to the world instead.

2. I don’t subscribe to any other blogs so I naturally know
exactly how to do it.
1. There are a lot of things I simply need to write. Most of
these are too short (or too widely reported) to use in my
op-eds. Most are what I already email to what a friend calls
“a select list of the uninterested” so it’s no extra work. Mostly …
I write so I won’t forget.
I write so my children can’t forget.
I write just because.


Finally, I didn’t write a Christmas Card letter this year. I was too busy blogging.