In real life, I have engineered solutions for small business for more than 20 years at the Harper Company. The rest of the time I chair an arts council and am a writer and regional photographer.

I am a contributing columnist for New England’s oldest afternoon daily. I write trade and general interest articles on consumer issues, cars and boats, manufacturing equipment, and management for small businesses and arts organizations. As an outdoor and nature photographer, I offer fine art and stock photography from New England, Florida, the Southwest, and around the United States.

I don’t want a blog — blogs are too much work. I have told everyone I know that I’m not going to commit to writing regular entries in a blog.

I have a blog.

Here are the top five reasons I’ve decided to go ahead.

5. I’m a creative genius with a need to publish. We
know that’s not true. Oh, I’m indeed a creative genius
but I already churn out 50K words each year for a real
local fishwrap.

4. It’s do this or finish renovating the kitchen. There is a
lot of truth to that although most writers will use any job
(absolutely anything) to avoid writing.
3. I’ve tried complaining to my family and they don’t
listen. So here I can complain to the world instead.

2. I don’t subscribe to any other blogs so I naturally know
exactly how to do it.
1. There are a lot of things I simply need to write. Most of
these are too short (or too widely reported) to use in my
op-eds. Most are what I already email to what a friend calls
“a select list of the uninterested” so it’s no extra work. Mostly …
I write so I won’t forget.
I write so my children can’t forget.
I write just because.


Finally, I didn’t write a Christmas Card letter this year. I was too busy blogging.