The Obamacare Observations

This directory lists many No Puffin Perspective™ articles about the euphemistically named Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2010.

The New England Journal of Medicine reported in 2009 that “Health care spending represents a growing share of our national income and is projected to increase from 16% of the gross domestic product today to 20% by 2018.”

The first two articles in the directory are a challenge to fix the existing health care system starting from the simple premise, Health care in America is fundamentally broken. The remainder are but a sample of what the Obama Administration called “glitches” in the rollout and continuation of nationalized health care.

How to Fix It, Part I
How to Fix It, Part II

Here’s What Obamacare Actually Does For You
Not a Single Dime
We’re Number One!
Why Your Premium Just Went Up
One Piece At A Time
Sleight of Something
They Got the Gold Mine (We Got the Shaft)
Change We Can Believe In!
First Among Equals
The Countdown to Nationalization, Part III
I Told You So.
We’re Number One!
The Perfect Storm
Throw Cash at It
How Much Will the Government Give You?
Diminishing Expectations
Know the Code, Part I
Know the Code, Part II
Paying for It
Hit the Road, a roundup of recent “successes”
The Unaffordable Care Act, Part 739
Democrats are Insurance Pawns

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