Diminishing Expectations

“We’ll insure 30 million Americans who don’t have insurance,” Barack Obama said in 2008.

“We’ll insure 27 million Americans,” Barack Obama said in 2009.

“We’ll insure 15 million Americans by 2013,” Barack Obama said in 2011.

“We’ll insure 7 million Americans by March of next year,” Barack Obama said when he moved the deadline in 2013. Again

“We’ll insure 6 million Americans by March 31,” the White House said in last week.

“We’ll insure 2.8 million Americans by 2016,” the White House will say in July.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 48.6 million Americans had no health insurance in 2009, 50% more than Mr. Obama originally promised Obamacare would originally cover. “There are still more people uninsured today than when Obama was elected president,” U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) said recently.

He’s mostly right. 15.4% of Americans were uninsured during the first quarter of 2009. That’s 47.7 million folks. 15.9 percent of Americans are uninsured today. That’s 49.9 million folks.

The Obama administration’s original goal was to enroll 30 million 15 million 7 million^H^H^H 6 million people by the end of the open enrollment period on March 31. Around 20% of those will fail to pay and most of those who do follow through already had had insurance that Mr. Obama cancelled.

That’s today.

Do you have insurance? Today is your last day to sign up.

Do you have insurance today?

45.1 million Americans won’t.

And the hidden gotcha: your premium in 2015 will be significantly higher than those in 2014. Aetna and WellPoint predict that most carriers will raise rates by “double digits.”  So will your taxes.

BREAKING NEWS: healthcare.gov was down again for much of March 31 under the crush of the tens of people trying to sign up at the last minute.


2 thoughts on “Diminishing Expectations

  1. “Around 20% of those will fail to pay …”

    Failure to pay is not a problem. Those who fail to pay will have theirs paid for them by government; i.e., you and me and…yes, even the liberals who naively think that Santa was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961.

    Well, not all liberals will have to pay because some liberals pay no income tax at all. In fact, an American Negro guy I know from the gym pays no income tax and get some back every year via EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit). Look it up.

    Go figger. He pays no tax in and gets a refund; and all he has to do to maintain that *modus operandi* is to vote for the party in the White House.

    I hate socialism…and the donkey it rode up on
    — George

    • Mr. Poleczech offered to delete his “inflammatory comment without reference” but the only thing I find flammable is that Mr. Obama lies to us and Mr. Poleczech’s favorite liberals keep drinking it up.

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