!@#$%^&^ Comcast

Asshole Brown or Comcast?

CBS News requested comment from Comcast Wednesday night but did not receive an immediate reply.

[Updated Feb. 6, 2015, just 8 days later]

Turns our “Asshole Brown” isn’t alone. Comcast has just added “Super Bitch” Bauer to the ranks, along with “Dummy,” and “Bitch Dog” Govan.

And those are just the ones we know about. Comcast has created a company culture where to lie, to cheat, to malign, and to malinger isn’t just common; it seems to us mere mortals to be company policy. I have a lot of trouble believing the fine hand of CEO Brian L. Roberts isn’t in here somewhere.

Super Bitch Bauer or Super Bitch Comcast?

2 thoughts on “!@#$%^&^ Comcast

  1. This would be unbelievable if it weren’t so common.

    Comcast Lies.

    “We have only one rate.” This subscriber pays $2.50 for cable TV. I pay $24.45 Plus tax. This subscriber pays $66.95 for Internet. I pay $63.95. Plus tax.

    “Everyone gets a 30 day billing cycle to pay your bill.” This subscriber’s bill came out 1/17 and is due 2/13. 27 days. My bill came out 1/07 and was due 1/27. 20 days. My neighbor’s bill came out 12/20 and was due 1/22. 32 days.

    Comcast Lies.

    I was against Judge Greene’s actions on AT&T not only because I didn’t (and still don’t) think it was in the public interest but also because it was an overreach on the part of the government.

    A similar action on the part of the DOJ against !@#$%^Comcast would be welcome.

    • TWC is also corrupt. They stoop to putting their deceptive solicitations in official business looking envelopes. AT&T has become the above-the-law criminal behemoth of the North American continent. My ISP provides ADSL speeds of .3 Mbps up and 1.32 Mbps down. I really do want reason to retract my statement that 95% or more of businesses are corrupt.

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