I’m bored.

Miz Gekko wrote about boredom and creativity but this is different.

I like working on/worrying on a problem or a process or simply an idea. I can wander around in the cellar in the back of my head, move the furniture around, blow the dust aside with the air compressor, and make connections or come up with something new. I used to do that all the time while standing in a grocery line or sitting on the toilet or commuting. Somewhere along the way, I lost some of that time.

My need to make some changes to the No Puffin Perspective™ has nothing to do with gaining time to commune with the guys in the cellar.

My need to make some changes has everything to do with what I write about.

I need to freshen my approach.

The Perspective™ has indeed exposed a number of the issues we face, from the general lies, to the Comcast lies, to the political lies in pseudoscience and finance.

Don’t worry, I’ll still point out when we need a new head for the CDC (and for the guy who appoints the CDC Director).

Today in Medicine
We need a new CDC Director.

Norah O’Donnell asked the yes-or-no question on CBS Face the Nation yesterday, “Do we need to mandate the MMR vaccination?”

CDC Director Tom Frieden danced around it but never said yes.

It is a tragedy that the measles vaccine had eliminated measles from the U.S. by the year 2000. Fewer than 100 cases have been reported every year since, but 644 people became infected in 27 states in 2014. 84 cases of measles were reported in January of this year alone. Most are in California where airhead parents listening to their bubble headed, celebrity, political “scientists” have opted out of vaccinations. [<==Note Editorial Commentary]

Public schools do require kids to be vaccinated but California parents can exempt their kids simply by saying they have a “personal objection” to vaccination. Of the 6,236,672 kids enrolled in 10,366 California schools, nearly 200,000 may not be vaccinated against measles and over two million have not received all seven CDC-recommended shots. Those 200,000 put thee and me at risk. Your kids, too.

CDC Director Tom Frieden danced around the question but he never said yes.

Here’s the plan.

Week 1: Random Fancies from the “you just won’t believe this” department.

Week 2: Random Storytelling from North Puffin.

Week 3: Random Truthtelling from the topical news

Week 4: Random Storytelling from South Puffin. (We don’t call it Random Access for nothin’ you know.)

Five week months mean you get a week off. Yay!

Don’t worry, I’ll stay on top of my areas of interest and expertise, from business and marketing, and engineering and real science, to heating issues, to the National Debt, teaching, and, of course, healthcare but next week I’ll tell the story of why we had no telephones at Floodstock.

If you are an editor looking for syndication, the new schedule means you can pick up a monthly spot with light explanations of the unexpected, a twice-monthly pair of tales from the northern- and southernmost points of the Puffin range, or all four. Or any other combination.



5 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. The anti-vax bullshit drives me batty. Apparently someone unfriended me over it on FB… but I don’t care. It’s the STUPIDEST FUCKING THING not to vaccinate your kids. RAWR!

    • Dear, anti-vax’ers, as you call them do not oppose vaccinations, They oppose state mandated (read that government control over ones own children’s health) vaccinations. You obviously feel that the government owns your child and you do not, and that is a hard issue to debate.

      I feel differently.

      I will vaccinate my child voluntarily, but I oppose the government’s claim of sovereignty over my family. The state has no claim of ownership over my child. That is a liberal concept, and I oppose it.

      — George.

  2. I can neither confirm nor deny this statement because I am not a clinic tech, but I got a note from a physician who told me that recipients of the “sniff” flu vaccine are highly contagious for 24-hours after taking it.

    Government/Big Pharma never mentioned that.

    I’m anti-vax, which means that I oppose state mandated shots for US citizens. If a citizen wishes to take the shots, that is his/her American right to do so. That concept is called freedom, and maybe some of you liberals have heard of it.

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