Tuesday Twaddle

Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne took over the reins at what is now Fiat-Chrysler and has run it without Mr. Obama’s administrative interference.

Fiat-Chrysler is showing a profit, paid off the $6 billion “bailout” loans early, and has cars that buyers want rolling off the lines. Oh yeah, and they have great advertising.

Bumper StickerOne of a long series of changes made by new-G.M. CEO Daniel Akerson was to appoint Joel Ewanick as chief global marketing Officer. Mr. Akerson is one of several board members whom Mr. Obama appointed. Mr. Ewanick “resigned” in the latest management shuffle at the top of the nation’s only government-owned automaker.

GM has a falling stock price, is showing a loss, owes billions in “bailout” loans, and has cars that no one wants rolling off the lines. Oh yeah, and their ads suck.

Great way to run a country.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Twaddle

  1. As a car guy, I can note that the few great cars in the Government Motors lineup? Mr. Obama indeed didn’t build those. He inherited them from the previous administration.

    ba da boom

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