Friday Foibles

“People are pleased that gas prices have dropped about 40 cents from the near four dollar high,” the Burlington, Vermont, DJ said.

Say what?

I don’t know what planet the Burlington, Vermont, DJ gets his gas on but it isn’t Planet Vermont where gas prices didn’t drop, didn’t drop, didn’t drop and have only now slid slightly to about 20 cents lower than the near four dollar high and have held there for a few weeks. Gas in New York State (number ONE in the nation by fuel taxes) were lower than gas prices here last week.

The average price of gas nationwide dropped below $2/gallon in November, 2008.

Vermonters are almost ready to drive to Canada for gas.

2 thoughts on “Friday Foibles

  1. We hardly drive anywhere anymore. Hell, I still have some of that $1.89 gas from 2008 in my tank.

    — George

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