Thorsday Trials: @#$%^ Comcast’’s Digital Diminishment. Part III

!@#$%^ Comcast has changed their online TV listings again. And they were dumb enough to include a “Tell us what you think” survey button. No good can come of this.

We’re really excited to share our new TV Listings with you and want to know what you think!
1. Do you think this version of TV Listings is better or worse than previous versions?

There was no button for “This Sucks.”
2. What makes this version of TV Listings better or worse?
You took away the easy navigation drop menu that allowed jumping to a different day or time.
3. What other improvements would you like to see in TV Listings?
Dump this turkey. Reinstate the prior version. Or the one before that. Barring that, add a navigation drop menu that allows jumping to a different day or time.

No good can come of this: either they will tabulate the survey results for a year without telling us anything or they plan to ignore the results entirely. Either will annoy the crap out of us. And then they can change the interface for the worse again next year, telling us they responded to the survey.

Sure would please us (all) if we could deal with somebody other than !@#$%^ Comcast.

2 thoughts on “Thorsday Trials: @#$%^ Comcast’’s Digital Diminishment. Part III

  1. I met a man from Vermont once. He was a a very vibrant and artistic type who once let his hair grow long and refused to trim his toe nails and finger nails until the neighbors complained about the high-pitched screeching sound when he dragged himself accross the ceramic tile floor.

    Anyway, Comcast followed him around with a camera, and they captured his every move and even his voice inflections –and they made audio charts to make sure they got his accent just right. And then they used his lifestyle as a measure of what other viewers in Vermont would like to watch on their TV. They called the series “Life In Vermont”. (I read about this on Yahoo News in an article by Roger Ebert, so I know it is true.)

    The out-shoot is that you are living his thrilling TV life vicariously. So, take great pains when you fill out the survey because Comcast obviously puts much thought into their programming; and they go to great lengths to cross every *i* and dot every *t* to make it “Life In Vermont” as authentic as possible.

    Who knows. You could star in the next one. I would give my remaining testicle if I could.

    — George

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