Puffin Peeves

Good old @#$%^ Comcast has a surprisingly fast, accurate, and nice online TV listing page. A popup on the page requires one to enter his or her postal code to display accurate programming and channel numbers. Great idea.

I entered 05990, the zip code for North Puffin.

That’s the zip on my installation address, my service address, and my billing address. Good old Comcast displayed this second popup:

We could not find any service providers for that ZIP Code.
Please try a different 5-digit U.S.Postal Code.

2 thoughts on “Puffin Peeves

  1. I loved that movie: “The Man From Erehwon.” It was about a man who lived in reverse, and everything in his town called Erehwon was opposite to the rest of the world. Water ran uphill, light was dark, hot was cold, and people smoked cigarettes before sex.

    The only way you could get there was by going away. Great flick.

    — George

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