No Slimy Sex

If NPR wants continued support, they need to make it easier, not harder, to listen. I tried to download a couple of my favorite programs this week, Car Talk and Wait Wait. Their download links didn’t work. On to Fresh Air. Terry Gross had a couple of goodies last week. Under the Sea, Sex Is Slimy Business and How The ‘Pox’ Epidemic Changed Vaccination Rules.

The Fresh Air download link took me to the (very slow) NPR Media Player which showed what I listened to last week. Back to Fresh Air. Click again. Now Slimy Sex started playing but the download link was missing.

I don’t want to listen on my computer. I particularly don’t want to listen on my computer right now. I also don’t want every episode clogging my (limited) iPod. I want to Click Here, download the interview, and listen tomorrow or the next day or next week when I’m driving or walking or doing something that is conducive to spending my time listening to their show.

If NPR can’t get something that simple to work, maybe the Repugs are right.

6 thoughts on “No Slimy Sex

  1. Circumclikution: in iTunes, subscribe to the podcast. Then unsubscribe, but keep the podcast “folder”. Every week, right-click and select “show available episodes” and download the ones you want. Ignore or remove the others; they won’t get on your iPod .

    If the podcast is a bundled hour of separate segments, however, you’re out of luck. You’ll need NPR to give you the individual segments as mp3s.

  2. Yes, turtles do it very carefully; but not as carefully as do porcupines.

    As for music, my dentist is on the 9th floor. Of course, I could take the stairs for cardio, but then I would miss the music.

    — George

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