70° at 45° North Latitude

This is what a 70° day can look like in Northern Vermont. Yes, that is Lake Champlain. Yes, that is snow on top of the ice on Lake Champlain.

Looking southerly:

Spring on Missisquoi Bay

Looking west (that speck in the distance may be what’s left of a fishing shanty):

Spring on Missisquoi Bay

Looking northerly:

Spring on Missisquoi Bay

5 thoughts on “70° at 45° North Latitude

  1. Going down to 54F tonite in SETexas. Back to 84F tomorrow.
    No rain in the forecast — and even if there were, it would not happen. It hasn’t rained on my lawn in 68 days.

    I don’t know what our latitude is, but our attitude is testy.
    — George

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