It’s Columbus Day, Dammit

Today was “Indigenous Peoples Day” in Vermont. Gov. Peter Shumlin (D-VT) made the proclamation this morning but for only this year, his last in office. He replaced what the country knows as Columbus Day.

It annoys me there are no indigenous peoples left (actually, there are no indigenous peoples almost everywhere in the world). The ancestors of the current Second or Third or Fourth People we celebrate as indigenous were (probably) nomadding around here before the white man settled in but they likely did to the Red Paint people what they say the Europeans did to them.

It annoys me more because our politically correct friends choose to tear down the real history to put in place their belief structure.

I think it should be Interlopers Peoples Day.

Looked at through the lens of history, we’re all Interlopers.


One thought on “It’s Columbus Day, Dammit

  1. And, btw, the Asian and European explorers made amazing history and should be celebrated. “Columbus Day” is part of that. The earlier inhabitants of the Americas made amazing history and should be celebrated as well. Those who would tear down one part of their history would be wise to offer up a “Second Settlers Day” or an “Early Peoples Day.”

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