Wordy Wednesday

Halloween for very small places: Wally sells mini-bales to people who don’t know any better. Wheat straw is worth about $24.20 per ton or less than half a buck for a full field bale.

Teeny Tiny Walmart Bales
A standard field bale of hay or straw has fixed height and width of 14 or 16 inches by 18 inches. The length varies according baler settings; it will be either about 36 inches or 48 inches long. A 2-string dry straw bale can be as light as 35-40 pounds. The average is probably 40-50 pounds for 2-string and 60-75 for 3-string (straw, not hay). Looks like you could get some 6-8 or more of the mini-bales from just one 50-cent field bale.

Here’s what a real bale looks like. I’m in the wrong bidness.

Real Field Bales with People for Scale