Another Good Man

Black Lies Matter.

Shannon J. Miles, a “dark-complexioned” person of interest, is in custody after the deadly ambush of Harris County sheriff’s deputy Darren Goforth, fatally gunned down without warning Friday night while gasing up his patrol car.

Police lives matter.

This man was gunned down “execution style.” Where are the protestors?

Where is Al Sharpton?

Where are the outside agitators?

Why isn’t Houston burning?

Could it be that the only people who play the race card think only their racists’ lives matter? Could it be that Mr. Sharpton and the other muttonheads just don’t get it?

“Lives matter.”

One thought on “Another Good Man

  1. There not only won’t be any protests from Sharpton et al or, most notably and most sadly, from President Obama, but there won’t even be any cries of racism. Just as there have been no cries of racism over the execution of two white news reporters by a black murderer who declared he was engaging in a race war. Of course, that case represented yet another opportunity for ignoring true causes in favor of blaming guns.

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