A friend posted this: “I guarantee you’ll hear the phrase ‘My ancestors came here legally’ in the aftermath of President Obama’s immigration address. It’s almost impossible to find any conversation about immigration — between elected officials, pundits, online commenters – in which at least one participant doesn’t use the phrase.”

While the Obamanation and his Kool Aid quaffing crowd distract us with illegal executive orders and net neutrality, we still have crumbling roads and bridges, failing schools, and the slowest and most expensive Interwebs in the world.

Oh, yeah. And a still-broken healthcare system (dammit, I thought the Unaffordable Care Act was supposed to change things).

This newspeak argument over the illegal aliens the left wants to recast as “undocumented immigrants” is a decent stand-in for the criminal behavior across government.

If you are Abenaki, Eastern Pequot, or Mi’kmaq, your ancestors illegally displaced the Red Paint people. If your ancestor came over in 1642 at the invitation of Billy Penn with my greatx6 grandfather, you maybe displaced the Lenni-Lenapi. Mr. Penn had a legal charter and my greatx6 grandfather was a British subject because there was no United States. His grandson became an American citizen. His greatx2 grandson was born one. If your ancestor came in with my other great-grandfather, they used the then-normal immigration process and became citizens. They followed the law on the ground at the time.

No matter how they got here, the problem isn’t our ancestors (unless they were criminals). The problem is anyone who is here illegally now because they are criminals. The problem is this attempt on the part of so many to pretend that that ain’t so.

crim·i·nal /’krimənl/ noun
1. a person who has committed a crime.

The Obamanation has accumulated an extraordinarily long list of major crimes in just six years. The following is just the short list. If a business or a crime family got caught at all of this, we’d see million spent on RICO prosecutions.

• Mr. Obama stole General Motors from its owners and gave it to his cronies so they would vote for him. Grand theft is kind of against the law. Of course, car theft on that scale is now laudable.
• Mr. Obama stole your doctor and your health plan from you and gave it to the Big Insurance so they would pay for his election. Graft is kind of against the law. Of course, graft on that scale is now laudable.
• Mr. Obama exchanged five Taliban terrorists for an American deserter. That’s not just against policy; it’s against the law. Of course, breaking the law in the oval office is now laudable.
• Mr. Obama’s Justice Department illegally sold thousands of guns to criminals and refused to comply with congressional subpoenas about the operation. A sting is deceptive, probably unethical, but common; Fast and Furious wasn’t a sting. Supplying weapons to criminals and terrorists is kind of against the law. Newspeak calls it merely a “management problem.”
• Mr. Obama’s people falsely portrayed the Benghazi terrorist attack as a spontaneous protest against an anti-Muslim YouTube video, and then lied about White House involvement. Perjury is kind of against the law. Newspeak calls it merely a “management problem.”
• Mr. Obama’s IRS illegally targeted conservative groups for heightened IRS scrutiny. Using government agencies for political acts is kind of against the law. Newspeak called it merely a “management problem” — Liberals said the IRS did it to liberal groups, too.
• Mr. Obama’s IRS refunded more than $46 million to nearly 24,000 illegal aliens using the same Atlanta, GA address. Fraud is kind of against the law. Newspeak calls it merely a “management problem.”

And there you have it.

A crim·i·nal /’krimənl/ is a person who has committed a crime.

The newspeak argument to recast crimes as “hope and change” or “management problems” or “good politics” is worse than giving the burglar the keys to your house or the murderer a deadly weapon or the used car salesman your checkbook. We trust burglar and the murderer and the used car salesman to do us wrong. We’re supposed to trust those we elect to do us right.

The Obamanation has not only violated the law, they have shredded that trust.


5 thoughts on “Distracted

  1. I’m pretty much neutral on net neutrality except to note that if @#$%^ Comcast and the rest of the telecom industry favors it, it’s bad for us.

  2. Frankly, I did not know that we had the slowest and most expensive Interwebs in the world. I always assumed it was because my nephews came over and downloaded so much porn. Just wait’ll I see those little turds again. .

    As far as the seven bullet points you made–followed by the name, “Mr Obama”, nothing is going to change in our lifetimes. Today, Rush Limbaugh took the situation to task and said he could not understand the devotion that the Leftist Media has for Obama. “It goes beyond ideology.”

    Rush does not understand the reason because he is a Terra-minded radio broadcaster. His “light” is limited to that mindset. So, the devotion to Obama goes deep into the human mind and goes to the fantasy that is woven into it by spiritual forces beyond his (and my) comprehension. Things of the spirit vex me, but they are real, nevertheless.

    Chuck Hagel has been fired because he was naïve enough to speak the truth about the NWO…and to do it publicly. He was, after all, a silly-dilly moderate republican cut from the John McCain bolt of cloth. Horror of horrors!

    In 2009 he went to the White House and spoke those very warnings directly to Barack Obama, not realizing that Obama is part and parcel of the self same New World Order.

    What a naïve fool. But that’s what moderate republicans are known for.

    — George

  3. When we worked on school improvements in Vermont back in the 80s, it was a Republican administration (lead by Gov. Dick Snelling, R-VT) pumping money into salary parity and pumping innovation into programming. School results did improve.

    Since then, schools have seen huge budget increases under Republican and Democrat administrations but results first flattened and then began to plummet.

    Sorry to break this to my liberal friends, but throwing money at the problem has just made it a costlier problem. That’s not the point of this piece, though.

    Liberals expect the government to fix things. The truth is that Mr. Obama’s criminal activity is keeping us from paying attention to the crumbling roads and bridges, lagging Interwebs, still-broken healthcare system, and all the other issues he promised to *transparently* fix.

  4. “Liberals expect the government to fix things.”

    Your point is well made, Herr Blogmeister. Government is in the business of sustaining power–either for the party which controls it or the individuals who so easily slide from one side of the aisle to the other and manipulate the movement of money.

    “The love of money is the root of all evil,” says the Good Book; and most of those in government are there because they LOVE MONEY. For years I have said, “follow the money trail”. It will always lead up the Yellow Brick Road to the Wicked Witch.

    — George

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