Thursday Thorn

August 8: Gas prices are up sharply again. We saw $3.669-3.719/gallon pretty much everywhere we went…”

gas price
And now it is September.

“There’s no longer much surprise nor anguish about that,” Liz Arden muttered this morning. “Most of us are all in that dull acceptance stage.”

And that, dear readers, is both the problem and what the retailers count on.

People grumble. People protest. People email plans to each other. Congress holds hearings. And then it becomes the new normal.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Thorn

  1. I’m up to a 20 cent discount on my grocery store “fuel advantage card.”


    That’ll bring the price all the way down to … what it was last week.

  2. We are paying $3.60 here for regular. (The last time I bought high-test was when I owned a 1969 Cadillac with a carburator that you could stick your head in.)

    A store that I frequent gives .03 off if you use their preferred customer card and an additional .07 if you buy $100 per month. So, the ten cents off that they advertise is really only seven cents and barely worth hustling for except for the items that I normally buy: cat litter dirt, milk, orange juice, condoms and an occassional ice cream sandwich.

    We don’t drive much; so, usually I will fill up the huge Ford Explosion and three empty 5-gallon containers and try to get by for two months with that small amount by pouring it into Mrs George’s small Government Motors car. On 32-gal total I save about two and a quarter. No big deal.

    — George

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