Thorsday Thorn

July 21. Gas prices went up a nickle here in the protected pocket with the highest gas prices in New England. I found out from an unconfirmed source that the station up near Jay with the lowest prices in Vermont at $3.319/gallon buys its gas from a Canadian distributor. So apparently does the Mobil distributor with the most stations here.

August 2. I paid $3.459/gallon for regular in Essex Junction. News says gas prices are going up again nationwide. I’ll burn five of those gallons today.

August 8. Gas prices are up sharply again. We saw $3.669-3.719/gallon pretty much everywhere we went, from North Puffin to Barre. Even (most of) the Essex Junction stations where I paid $3.459 on Thursday were at $3.599.

Price at the Pump 8/8/12

One thought on “Thorsday Thorn

  1. Mrs George and I went to the shooting range today. It cost $33 to shoot, $45 for ammo, and $10 there and back for gas. Gas is $3.419 a gallon. We should have driven her Government Motors car instead of the huge Ford Explosion; but we had some stuff to haul.

    A man I know from a community south of town was there with his wife and kids. He drives a big Dodge Ram. Musta took him six gallons to go and come. And then all those amenities — Five handguns blasting away. Bullets don’t grow on trees.

    And then they prolly went to MacDonalds and dropped a bundle. Kids.

    — George

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