Tuesday Twaddle

H&R Block in Kansas City, Missouri, visited the widely known and vastly respected No Puffin Perspective on Sunday, about a year after I disclosed my findings in a mildly critical report of the operation of their tax program.

Corporate vanity surfing is becoming more common as companies seek to capitalize on (and protect) their brands. I wonder if the H&R Block visitor was an accountant, a webmaster, or simply someone in the office with time on his or her own hands.

They stayed only a moment and apparently had just one page view, so I’m thinking they may not have learned anything. On the other hand, the H&R Block Newsletter – March Tax Tips arrived by email this morning.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Twaddle

  1. You flatter yourself, Herr Blogmeister; but that’s OK. you see, H&R Block was tracking neither you nor the North Puffin perspective. In fact, they were keeping tabs on me.

    As you know, they are a wily bunch — very protective of their turf; and ever since George’s Prontoczech Tax Service came up on their radar screen, they have been following me all over the web. My lawyer threatened legal suit against them for harassment if they even so much as post one disparaging word against me and my new business.

    That apparently scared them off. Thank you for the heads up, and let me know if they show up again.

    — George

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