Tuesday Electrifying Twaddle

Bumper StickerObama Motors has halted production of their campaign centerpiece vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt. 1,500 more workers at the newly refurbished Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant will be unemployed. Turns out buyers don’t want one

Taking a page from China’s marketing strategy (drop the price until people buy things they don’t want), the Administration will raise the tax rebate from $7,500 to $10,000. We expect about 4,300 Volt dealers to be repurposed as Dollar Stores by November.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Electrifying Twaddle

  1. Sigh. Yeah, I’m with you there. Obama the Demos Rat hasn’t found enough people to stab in the back yet, I’m thinkin’. He Manned up to Netanyahu but… they exchanged winks and probably there’s a GO sign on flattening the XranX installations so long as they cravenly time it to the election. Something like that.
    The dross rises to the top –the Malaise stew he’s selling would be turned down by a starving man.

  2. In one breath Obama vaguely threatened war in order to prevent Iran from Nuke completion, and in the next breath he admonished citizens for talking about war, and in the third breath he blamed it for the rising price of gas.

    Who writes his material? They deserve a Pulitzer.

    — George

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