Thor’s Trials & Tribulations: @#$%^ Comcast’s Digital Diminishment. Part II


And then I got the doomsday letter.

“XFINITY™ is coming. Soon you’ll enjoy TV, Internet anc Voice service made possible by Comcast’s upgrade to an all-digital platform … equipment may be required to receive ALL channels.

Comcast LetterThe !@#$%^ Comcast office was crowded and had just two reps manning the counter. When I got to the counter, I told the rep that all I have are channels 3-20 and asked if I needed a converter or if the most basic basic channels would remain analog. The rep said I needed it. Then I asked about changing channels.

“Oh, you just set your TV to Channel 3 or 4. It’s easy,” she ‘splained.

“No. How do I change stations when I’m recording with a VCR,” I told her. “Say I want to record channel 7 at eight o’clock, change to channel 10 at nine, and channel 4 at ten?”

“Let me get you a service technician.”

He told me that wasn’t possible but, he said, I didn’t really need the converter because channels 1-26 weren’t scheduled to go digital.

Cool. I almost left right then but the rep contradicted him.

“All the channels will switch March 15,” she said.

Swell. Now I have three digital boxes that give me less service than my zero current digital boxes since THEY CANNOT BE PROGRAMMED TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

Yes, I am shouting.

And it took more than an hour to get them.

I get to pay more per month for less service. And that’s the story of dealing with !@#$%^ Comcast.

On the other hand, I met the man who owns the DC-3 in Marathon and I bought a yellow croton, so the day wasn’t a total loss.

4 thoughts on “Thor’s Trials & Tribulations: @#$%^ Comcast’s Digital Diminishment. Part II

  1. I realize this is a horrible thing to suggest, but have you considered going without TV? We haven’t had TV at our house since they all went kaplooie nearly 3 years ago, and we are doing fine.

    At Christmas I went to WalMart and bought a 21 inch TV, but it’s still in the box. I might get to it before Easter but Mrs George is not counting on it.

    It’s just a suggestion. But for some it is like telling an alkie to stop drinking. My neighbor tried to do it, and his wife had to be hospitalized with WWS (Winfree Withdrawal Syndrome).

    — George

  2. I learned Victoria’s secret years ago when I peeked through a knot hole in the girl’s shower room at school.

    — George

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