Thor’s Trials & Tribulations

!@#$%^ Comcast!

I use the “ecofriendly” auto pay to pay my (basic) cable bill + bundled Internet. I don’t get a paper statement. I don’t mail a check. Then !@#$%^ Comcast grabs whatever they want out of my checking account.


Big mistake.

An hour after I logged into my online cable account, I discovered a line item for $50 for “other services” like PPV or dirty movies. I don’t buy PPV or dirty movies; I can stream them free over the Internoodle.

We had a “service difficulty” around Christmas. Internet was slow, stupid, and balky for a couple of weeks. The !@#$%^ Comcast DNS server kept crashing. Life was lousy in South Puffin.

I called !@#$%^ Comcast and a week or so plus 3 hours later, a technician showed up. Nice guy. Name was Richard. He was pleasant, efficient, and pretty much had nothing to do since the problem was upstream.


Good thing I noticed the charge was $50 higher than usual when I logged into my bank account this morning or I never would have known.

It took another hour this morning to load the “customer account page” and then wade through all the auto attends to get a live rep to get a credit. I really really really think they bill for these things and figure at least some percentage of their customers never protest.

Weeee! Free money. The credit will appear on next month’s bill, so they have yet another chance to use my money.


3 thoughts on “Thor’s Trials & Tribulations

  1. When I read Herr Blogmeister’s Thursday monolog I can often relate and could shout, “I’m Thor, I’m Thor”. In fact, I could shout it until my throat was thor…er, I mean sore.

    Mrs George recently retired, and was begged by at least four otherwise prideful upper and middle-management adults to “please come back as an hourly contract worker and help us out of this quagmire we have bogged ourselves in (or words to that effect)”. She dutifully agreed to do so; and this morning she logged onto the *contract worker* website to obtain an electronic job application — because they do not use hardcopy job applications anymore.

    So, guess what? Okay, I’ll tell you what. She discovered that there was no click link to anything that would direct an aspiring applicant to obtain a job application. So, she called them and got a nice young voice who had absolutely no clue how to direct her to a link for *job application*.

    She was told that someone would have to call her back.

    An hour later she got a call from a woman who said she would mail her an application, and “it should be there by next Tuesday.”

    That kind of crap makes me thor, er…sore.

    — George

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