Thor’s Trials & Tribulations

Found a little glitch in my online bank statement yesterday. My bank isn’t the biggest in the nation but it has thousands of employees, almost 1,000 branches in more than a dozen states including Vermont, and a comfy position on the Fortune 500 list.

My bank has gone paperless. We made a couple of deposits this month and the teller credited them to the Harper account. The deposits didn’t show on the statement.

Uh oh.

I stopped in there this afternoon.

The teller definitely credited them to the Harper account. Unfortunately, it was a Harper in Ohio. Or maybe Alaska. The branch manager snatched the two deposits back from that poor schnook (who also apparently doesn’t check his or her balance very often because the money was still there) and deposited it in my account.

I love the idea of saving a tree.

Fixing this took more work than planting one.