Premte Peeves

I like a good fish story.

We have 2.7 English language radio stations here in South Puffin. One has awakened me for years with a program called the Morning Mix. I like it because Anne O’Bannon and Josh Mothner have assembled a cohort of interesting people to talk with. My mornings have each had an hour of newsy chat about the schools, the community theater, real estate, politics, law enforcement, road repair, and even water sports.

The Morning Mix has changed.

CJ Geotis, a “life-long fisherman who followed his dream to live in the Florida Keys” is a business consultant, fishing columnist, and now radio host. He has hosted the morning show for a while now with fish after fish after fish story. And his show seems to go on all morning long.

I like CJ; I miss the variation of the Mix.

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