Friday Frump: Sox

Sex gets better with age. Sox don’t.

I found a hole in another sock after walkies this morning. Sox don’t last as long as they used to. For as long as most folks can remember, I’ve worn white crew sox with work shoes or sneaks. I wear any kind of sox less now than when I was a kid or when I worked in someone else’s office. Even so, they wear faster. We just don’t make sox like we used to.

And who ever thought putting an “X” on the end of a word should make it a plural? There is no singular seck, after all.

4 thoughts on “Friday Frump: Sox

  1. I had some trouble with sox this morning. Could not figure out how to turn them the right way so my toes reached the end…it was a double layer kind of deal iykwim.

  2. Time was when I wore nylon black socks and navy blue socks. But I don’t anymore because they are too difficult to tell apart in the dim light of early morning. I discovered this phenom one day when I noticed in the bright sunlight that I had a blue on one foot and a black on the other. Thank goodness when I got home I found that I had an identical pair in my sock drawer.

    So, now I wear only white crew socks with casual shoes, and gray ones with my dressy wingtips. When they get holes the cats get them as bedding stuffers.

    Mrs George owns a myriad colors to match her work slacks, and she keeps them together in her sock drawer. I suspect that is where my black and blue socks ended up.

    Today my socks; tomorrow my shorts.

    — George

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