Premte Peeves

Pandora radio adds about 100,000 new users every day on mobile devices like smart phones. Pandora knows your age, gender, ZIP code, and type of music. They target their ads to that. And more.

See, the Pandora smart phone installer does more. It can maraud through your phone, linking the GPS information and your Facebook postings into a seamless picture of who and what you like, buy, eat, and take orally at bedtime.

I shop at the Cost Slasher grocery store downstreet every week or so. Every Sunday, I voluntarily plug in my zip code on the Cost Slasher website to get this week’s grocery flier. That’s a good thing.

Thanks to Pandora and other similar data miners tapping into iPhone’s™ newly discovered iTracker™, though, Cost Slasher could already know that.

My iPhone already knows more about me than I do. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to give every other grocery store within 50 miles of my instant location that advantage whenever I listen to the “radio.”

3 thoughts on “Premte Peeves

  1. Sadly, I don’t own an iPhone, but when I walk in the front door at the liquor store, the little guy fetches my bottle of Jack and brings it to me at the register. And when I visit the nudie bar, Bubbles immediately comes to my table with her knee pads.

    Of course, that is old technology.

    — George

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