Premte Peeves

Whom can you trust if you can’t trust the 60 Minutes stopwatch? Again on Sunday, for the second time in as many weeks, that iconic hourglass jumped from 0:53:06 to 0:59:52 in just under four minutes.

Jeezum, you’d think we were paying them flat rate.

4 thoughts on “Premte Peeves

  1. Seriously, Herr Blogmeister, I have a peeve larger than any of yours. I call it the *If Things Can Go Wrong They Will* principle:

    Tomorrow I’m scheduled for a quarterly colon scope — known in the industry as “Colonoscopy”. As everyone who has ever had one knows, the procedure itself is a snap… but the prep is a beyatch.

    Well, here’s my peeve. No sooner did I get nearly all of the four quarts of foul tasting elixir down in my gullet where I sudenly began feeling the *need*, when the worse thing that could happen happened: Yes, the wax seal in the toilet chose that moment in time to lose its integrity and start leaking BIG TIME.

    Not only is it no fun duckwalking to the hall pantry for a mop, but it scares the cats.

    — George

  2. 60 Minutes must read this blog since they got it right this week. The program ended at 0:53:15 and they showed almost seven minutes of commercials before bringing the stopwatch back at 0:59:58.

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