Guzzling? No. Gobbling.

Congress poked its head up out of the gopher hole with a $4,500 incentive to trade in your gas guzzlers for new, fuel-efficient rides. The House passed the bill yesterday on a 298-119 vote.

President Barack Obama has supported the plan as a way to help struggling automakers and improve the fuel efficiency of the cars and trucks on the road.

Huh. That incentive might have helped struggling automakers even more six or 12 months ago.

Now that the Administration has run two of three American car makers out of business, it is too bad the only place left to trade is either Government Motors or Overseas, Inc.

Imagine that.

Remember you and you and you voted for these turkeys. A few of us voted against ’em but that makes me no less doomed.

4 thoughts on “Guzzling? No. Gobbling.

  1. I didn’t vote for him, and I’m not sure enough are having voters remorse. The $4500 voucher is a joke if you can’t afford a $40,000 itsy bitsy car. This, like most gov’t plans, will cost the poor the most.

  2. Halleluja! No, I’m not having voter’s remorse either–or any other withdrawal. I’m not assuming any blame or making statements that I stepped in anything. The Democrats did it, and they are solely responsible for this debacle. Conservatives (real ones) need to point the finger their way.

    Moderates need to get their language and thinking straight and stop sounding like wimpy rinos. That’s the kind of stuff you hear on Oprah, and I’m sick of it.


  3. George says:
    > The Democrats … are solely responsible for this
    > debacle. Conservatives need to [blame them].

    Whoa. Tell us what you really think.

    Too bad it’s not enough. I love blaming the bad guy; I do a lot of it in these pieces but finger pointing is what they do inside the Beltway. The Democrats caused the problem but it is our homes and paychecks and healthcare that are paying for it.

    Blaming a Democrat doesn’t fix my home or my paycheck or the cost of my healthcare.

    Norma says:
    > I’m not sure enough are having voters remorse.

    That’s exactly it. Common wisdom has it that we need to change the minds of only the 4% of the voters in the middle. Assuming that to be true, something on the order of 5 million voters need to change their minds.

    Many people who read this blog believe they can convince those 5 million simply by telling them the truth.

    I just wish we were right.

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