we’ve really stepped in it this time

“There is nothing, no matter how stupid it sounds, that I am rejecting,” Charles Rangel (D-NY) said. Rep. Rangel chairs the House Ways and Means Committee.

President Obama called home from gay Paris to remind the Congress critters he wants a health care bill on his desk before the August recess.

Barney Rubble said the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions would begin forging the legislation on Tuesday, June 16. Senate Democrats have an ambitious schedule to get this turkey passed before the voters notice.

The House is ready. Their bill outlined on Tuesday will “allow” people to enroll in a government-run health insurance plan similar to Medicare.

  • The law will require every American to have health insurance.
  • The law will create a government-run insurance company that would, in President Obama’s words, “keep insurance companies honest.”
  • The law will provide government subsidies to help people buy insurance.
  • The law will require employers to provide health benefits to employees.
  • The law will not address how Congress would actually pay for these health-care initiatives.

The administration wants a plan that requires every American to have health insurance. And if you cannot afford health insurance, you can buy it from Government Motors^H^H^H Government Shield. And if you do not buy health insurance, you will need an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. At taxpayer expense.

Health care is free in jail.

Yesterday was Donald Duck Day.

George Poleczech likes to remind us, “You Democrats have really stepped in it this time.

Every government rations health care by making you wait. Every one of them. Wait long enough and every illness cures itself, ya know. Every one of them. As we rush headlong into the arms of government health care, even Canada is finally moving away from it.

Sorry, George. It looks more like we Americans have really stepped in it this time.

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  1. This is the same Federal Government that wants to control EVERYONE’S Healthcare???

    If you never saw a reason to demand that they cease and desist in their effort to foist national healthcare on everyone in the USA — HERE IS THAT REASON.

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