Bombing Out

I was not even alive — heck, I was not even a gleam in my daddy’s eye — when the Japanese Imperial forces bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, the Day that was expected to Live in Infamy. But I know what day it was.

Sunday, not today, was the 67th anniversary of that memorable day. Ceremonies were held around the country yesterday. On the actual day. So why are most media reporting it today? Why did most media not report it yesterday?

I guess that fits with our desire to make everything a Monday holiday. Monday is a slow news day, innit, but still…

I’m sure some news outlets did cover the day on the day. None of the ones I saw or heard did. I’m on a rant here; don’t confuse me with the exceptions.

5 thoughts on “Bombing Out

  1. Ahem. I was a tot, and I remember whent he Japs bombed Pearl Bailey…er, Pearl Harbor. I was standing in my neighbor’s garden when I heard my mother tell the woman that President Roosevelt ahd declared war on Japan. It took me a coupla years to find out where Japan was, and about as long to figure out who Roosevelt was; but the reality set in when Hollywood began churning out anti-Japanese and anti-German films.

    Of course, that was the Hollywood of old when Errol Flynn, Alan Lane, Clark Gable, etc were American patriots instead of liberal democrats that haunt that venue today.

    But, I digress.

    The Japs lived (and died) to regret their incursion, and I still recall the personal fervor stirred by the graphic pictures in Life Magazine of how the big one blew the shit out of them.

    I still think we should have nuked Europe. Italy especially. And we would have…except that there were too many American soldiers there at the time. That was way before me and Lutz.


  2. Alan Lane! I remember him. I liked the way he’d grimace and whap Gilligan over the head with his captain’s cap.

    He died, though, didn’t he? The Skipper, not Gilligan.

  3. Hmmm. I forgot to mention Hale. He was a big comic draw in the 50’s before he finally hit a regular job on Gilligan.

    Alan Lane was an attractive young guy in the Air Corps and made played patriotic roles. He made a GP movie in the late 40’s-early 50’s called *Gay Blades*. I kid you not. In it he played a champion ice skater.

    This was in the days before all the male skaters came out of the closet, and by that time everyone had forgotten about the fried japs.

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