Guestbook and More


A friend and I were talking about names; we had a tiny question about how many peeps keep the given name their parents gave them.

One of my high school classmates changed hers from Diane to Eugenia so I googled her. A first page result was on and, as it turns out, you have to sign up to access the info.

Signing up is free so I did. After all, I have a myspace page, right? What could it hurt.

I hate to be nickled and dimed. I dropped Verizon because they charge Vermonters by the minute for local calls. I’ll probably stop flying when the airlines start charging by the pound.

If you sign the guestbook or send a message to a member like me, I have to pay for it. This is worse than texting. Since I am pugnaciously parsimonious, you are far more likely to get my attention by email or phone.

I pay a flat rate for those.