President Trump signed executive orders today reviving pipeline projects and TransCanada says it will reapply for Keystone XL. Mr. Trump also directed Federal agencies to approve that without delay — and told the agencies to expedite reviews and approvals for the remaining parts of the Dakota project.

“I am, to a large extent, an environmentalist, I believe in it,” Mr. Trump said. “But it’s out of control, and we’re going to make it a very short process. And we’re going to either give you your permits, or we’re not going to give you your permits. But you’re going to know very quickly.”

The president also signed three other orders related to pipeline construction, including one expediting the environmental permitting process for infrastructure projects and one directing the Commerce Department to maximize the use of U.S. steel.

The moves have already sparked a new fight with the Far Green.


3 thoughts on “(Key)Stoned

    • A war over the Keystone? Fine. Not even the EPA could find a reason to blackball that job. It was politics and nothing but, pure Librul/Far Green bullying. That is over.

      • The EPA put added regs on power plants. Oil prices fell. The only thing Mr. Obama could do to get oil prices back up was to restrict oil and the only card they had left to play was Mr. Kerry’s declaration that it was a National Security issue to stop Canadian oil from flowing through the US.

        We’ve had 8 years of political scientists telling us that gravity makes feces flow uphill. And hiring guys with guns to make sure we went along. The number of non-Defense Department federal officers authorized to carry firearms (200,000 and counting) now exceeds the number of U.S. Marines.

        And Ashley was worried about right wing bullying?

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