I Have Freaking Socks On!

I hate socks.

This is the tale of three houses.

North Puffin
The furnace didn’t start when I turned it on Friday morning.

Multi-Colored SoxRegular readers may recall that we’ve had some water issues here. I installed a conventional, electric water heater this spring primarily because the “domestic coil” in the furnace had some issues but we figured we’d get another season out of the boiler itself.

We figured wrong.

“Won’t need it this weekend,” Liz Arden said.

Will Sunday!

It was about 44 Friday night with calls for frost. High Pressure to the north kept the weekend nice but cold. We flew the coop, not to return until last night in time for the eclipse.

Our son lives in Barre. We drove to his house Friday. Stayed overnight.

Karl lives downstairs in a two-apartment house. It has but one thermostat and that is in his living room.

Cool, right?

Maybe not. As I understand it, the upstairs tenants might burn his car for heat if he turns down the ‘stat. It is always quite warm in his house.

I was very comfortable.

Our granddaughter and grandson-in-law invited us down for dinner (I’ll go a long way for a free meal and this was a good one) and to see their new house. It’s a lovely new house with a working furnace, views of Boston, and a driveway on Lombard Street. OK it’s not really Lombard Street but their street designer did his best.

It was c-o-l-d in their house Saturday night, even by my sleeping standards, and SWMBO kept pulling the quilt away. She slept quite well.

North Puffin
It was a pretty, pretty day and the temp got up into the 70s for the ride back north but it was 60°F when we arrived back here. The breeze picked up to 8 mph or so out of the south when I quit shooting the blood moon eclipse at around 11.

We put the winter blanket on the bed and I was warm and cozy all night except when SWMBO pulled the blanket away and my butt froze.

Then I had to get up.

The furnace in question is 35-years old. It needs replacement. I don’t wanna. I particularly don’t wanna today.

We’ll limp along until that happens.

For the record, it was 81°F this morning in South Puffin with about a 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms all week from that system in the Gulf of Mexico. It will be mostly cloudy there today with a high of 88 and a 10-15 mph southeast wind which for some reason isn’t a breeze (the temperature here is coming up a bit on 13-21 mph southerly “breezes” this afternoon.)

It’s time to head back home. Maybe we should camp at Karl’s until we do. It’s nice and warm there! Meanwhile, I have socks on.



2 thoughts on “I Have Freaking Socks On!

  1. Just a few comments:
    Mid-State, I do agree, it was really very nice in son’s apartment.

    Worcester: Krystal and hubby Chris have a lovely home. Yes, it was a mite chilly, and yes, I did sleep quite well. Himself, on the other hand, kept pushing the comforter onto me. [Editor’s Note: Hah! he said. And hah again.]

    North Puffin: It was chilly here as well. I put the winter blanket on and added another blanket, just in case. The second blanket landed on my side of the bed, cause he did not want that much. The winter blanket, as far as I know, covered himself all night. Of course, not my fault, if the blanket slipped to my side of the bed. Right??

    On the other hand, weather today, so far, is nice and reasonable warm. Unfortunately, rain later in the day. Oh yes, I too have socks on (and long pants).

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