A fair number* of people in the First World believe they can change the climate.

They really really really believe they can change the climate. They have faith.

Plea for a RaindancerHmmm.

Why don’t they start a little smaller by changing something important like how much it rains in California? It’s so bad out there that Starbucks had to stop selling California mountain spring water. They substituted cool Saharan waters.

I reckon that evening out the rain that falls over the US would do it. The South Central Plains will get another 3-7 inches today.

How ’bout all you political scientists who believe you can tax and regulate a cooler planet just move that a rain bit so Cali gets 2-6 inches and the Plains an inch?

What? You don’t think they can do that?


* “Fair” in this case means about 1.3% of the world population plus 70% of politicians and 90% of bobble-headed celebrities.


2 thoughts on “Rain

  1. You watch the maps more than I do. If the moisture falling in the plains were coming from the Pacific across the Rockies and then dumping in the Plains, then you would think they could seed the clouds to force rain BEFORE they got to the Rockies and keep the rain in CA. But if the moisture is coming in via Mexico (which might be consistent with Houston getting hammered) then it never gets near CA.
    Hmmmmm…. has the mid-latitude Pacific Ocean been cooler than “normal” in recent years? That would probably cut the humidity being carried over CA and cause this problem, don’t you think?

    • Doesn’t matter where the moisture is coming from. The peeps who think they can change Global Warming should be able to wave their magic wands and make it rain where ever we want it to.

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