Protest Too Much

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

“O, but she’ll keep her word.”

But will she?

Shakespear and others of that time knew that the word “protest” meant to “vow” or “declare solemnly.” Gertrude thought the Player Queen went a little over the top with her promises. Taking the modern approach, I think the Player Queen got a little skewed with her mission.

Protesters Holding the Wrong Signs

Tens of thousands of protesters swarmed Washington yesterday because a black kid got shot running from a crime.

Not one protester was upset about the number of crimes committed by actual criminals. Or the crimes committed by the protesters. Some are calling this movement the “new Civil Rights” but no one takes responsibility for the old (un)civil behavior.

Some pundits believe as I do that it’s time for the Civil Rights movement to grow up, take responsibility, and forge ahead.

Are there some bad cops? Sure. There are about 15,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States with more than 750,000 sworn officers. That many people means there are some bad actors but the data shows that police officers commit very few crimes relative to the population they swear to protect.

1,163,146 violent crimes were reported in 2013 nationwide. More than 720,000 ag assaults accounted for 62.3% of that. Almost 350,000 robberies (29.7%), 81,000 rapes (6.9%) and about 14,000 murders (1.2%) made up the rest.

The question you have to ask yourself is, who should get most of your attention? The few bad cops or the 1,163,146 criminals?

End Gang ViolenceWhere are the protests over unarmed black men shot in drivebys?
Where are the protests over unarmed black women shot in bedrooms?
Where are the protests over unarmed black children shot in “neighbor disputes”?

No Looting BurningWhere are the protests over drug dealers on the corners?
Where are the protests over vandalism?
Where are the protests over arson?

Stop Robbing UsWhere are the protests over burglaries?
Where are the protests over armed robberies?
Where are the protests over smash-and-grabs?

Those are the crimes in neighborhoods like yours and mine. Those are the crimes you expect cops to prevent. Those are the crimes you say are the cops’ fault.

Who is the actual pig in this story?

Some pundits believe as I do that it’s time to stop letting old demagogues like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson blame everyone but the criminals for all the crimes. It’s time for the Civil Rights movement to grow up, take responsibility, and forge ahead.

We’ve all seen the current crop of protest signs. I like my signs better.

This might could or even might be the start of Civil Rights 2.0.


4 thoughts on “Protest Too Much

  1. Like so much going on in this country, this is just another power play by the demagogues. The things you suggest would not easily bolster their power, so they aren’t of interest.

    • My hope is that the protesters grow up a little and realize where the real problem lies.

      Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Jackson are pissant players here in the piece and in the real world. Sadly, they would have no rabble to rouse without the thoughtless behavior of the protesters themselves.

  2. Black-On-Black Crime is rampant, and the demagogues of which Herr Blogmeister speaks, i.e, Sharpton and J Jackson are but two among others such as NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NPR and the plethora of online liberal mouthpieces that end in dot com.

    Mainstream. liberal media (listed above) has been prohibitively mandated by the OBAMA Administration to faint from using the words “Muslim”, “Islam”, and Negro when reporting negative crime news. Those entities are at the root of nearly all national and/or global misdoings–and without them, media would have little to talk about except the gelding similarities of the current GOP lawmakers.

    I am normally a man p0ssessed of good health; but I am lately so sick of the lack of spine and gonads of our supposedly conservative senatorial and congressional representatives. If they give us Jeb Bush in the next POTUS election, I will help Dick to draft Rufus.

    — George

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