Kill the Pigs

[please note that the title has nothing gekko’s porcine potluck provisioning poast.]

Neighbors shot it out in Liberty City yesterday. Again. A 3-year old girl was caught in the crossfire. The shooting started as a dispute between neighbors when bullets started flying. She was outside playing with her brother and friends when she was hit. Cops and paramedics rushed in. The little girl will be OK.

That’s just another day in the life of a police officer. It might have included a traffic stop (will they shoot me or spit on me?), a crash with injuries (will an innocent die?), a next of kin notification (how can they do that?), a burglary (is there a perp with a gun in the house?), a mob of looters (is that a brick or a stolen radio or a ham sandwich?), or a shoot out in Liberty City.

All of those incidents are adrenalin-rich but they may feel less dangerous than walking down the street to the cop on the beat who knows there could be a sniper in a shelter or a bomber with a backpack or a criminal on crank increasing his pressure on the trigger right now.

My daughter found this public troll on Facebook. She reproduced it with her own comment:

Somebody Needs to Kill Them All

“This is a posting from someone who lives in Vermont just five minutes from my house. For the purposes of this lesson, I removed the identity of the owner of the post; however, I was able to see the post without ‘friending’ him.

“The anger is real and it is on our doorstep. As the wife of a police officer, these are troubling times. Simply being a police officer makes a person ‘guilty by association.’

“We need to stand up for our police officers. I’m ready for a picket line in support of our officers. It’s about time.

I’d walk that line, too, but it will take more than that. See, this isn’t the first time — even in Vermont — for some nincompoop to put a target on the men and women who serve.

Kill the Pigs
In this case, our Vermont poster could well be the idiot offspring of a 60s flower child who chanted the title phrase in San Francisco before moving east.

Those seminal protesters weren’t so original after all. Cecil Adams at
StraightDope tell us, “If you thought the term pig arose in the 1960s, you’re in for a surprise.

“The OED cites an 1811 reference to a ‘pig’ as a Bow Street Runner–the early police force, named after the location of their headquarters, before Sir Robert Peel and the Metropolitan Police Force. Before that, the term ‘pig’ had been used as early as the mid-1500s to refer to a person who is heartily disliked.”

For the record, I’ve yet to meet a liberal who liked being called “pissylittledramaqueen” or a police officer who liked being called “pig.”

Did you ever wonder why that cop looked you over — twice — when you walked past?

Did you ever wonder if it were the fact that cultured, ivy league you just screamed “Kill the pigs” and he wondered whether you meant to do it right now?

I don’t wonder about how we raise protesters. This country was founded by protesters.

I do wonder how we raise people who can praise burning down their town, praise looting my store, and praise murdering all the cops all while they condemn a cop for killing a likely lawbreaker.

Who will save your butt:
Remember that the “talk down, not take down” proponents are the ones who run away from the flying bullets and that police officers run toward them.


5 thoughts on “Kill the Pigs

  1. Are there some bad cops? Sure. There are about 15,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States with more than 750,000 sworn officers. That many people means there are some bad actors but the data shows that police officers commit very few crimes relative to the population they swear to protect.

    North Miami has a population of 60,964. It had more than 850 violent crimes and almost 4,900 property crimes last year. Extrapolating those numbers, we should see 12.3 times those statistics in the log of crimes committed by evil pigs: 10.5 thousand violent crimes and more than 60 thousand property crimes.

    No matter what the liberal criminal-huggers believe, the cops are supposed to be the good guys and most really are.

    • Color me thick, but what you write in your comment doesn’t parse for me. I cannot grasp how your numbers are intended to correlate.

      750k pigs in the US
      then you turn the microscope on and aim it at Miami and cite … are those general crime stats? Or crimes committed by pigs?
      Then you extrapolate — is that extrapolating from the (supposed) Miami pig crime stats to the larger US?

      But I see no numbers for the greater US to refute that most pigs are good pigs and not evil pigs.

      Which is not to say that *I* am suggesting you are incorrect. I simply cannot follow wither you leadeth.

  2. Policemen want to go home at night because they have families and all that it involves. In that sense of the word, they are no different than the rest of us — except that — their “chosen job title” requires them to come face to face with hostile antagonists.

    “Chosen job title” and “hostile antagonists” are terms that have changed since 2008. (What happened in 2008, you ask? Gasp! Did I miss something?)

    Well, since 2008 we have acquired a President Of The United States who has personally/needlessly/erroneously involved himself in and on the wrong side of countless altercations between police and “African American” thuggery. I use the term African American because a few liberals actually read this blog and would cringe if they see the word “Negro” in print.

    I won’t list the instances where Obama has done this; but my point is that the docile policeman-walking-the-beat has become an endangered species. Literally.

    He never knows (1) if the person of colo(u)r he pulls over for a flagrant traffic violation will meet him at the car’s window with drawn gun. And (2) if he responds via his training and meets deadly force with deadly force, will he be held up to public ridicule by a POTUS who was not even there when the incident happened.

    “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin”, said Barack Obama.

    I would rather be a scrub woman in a homosexual Turkish bath than to be a policeman in this 21-st Century under the Obama Administration’s determinant push for racial strife for political purposes.

    That’s my take, and I’m Right, of course.

    — George

  3. The liberal agenda is steadily progressing primarily because the Conservatives aren’t organized nearly as well as they are. Additionally, the Conservatives don’t stand up for themselves as often as the progressives (I’m not guilty on this point).
    We (the Conservatives) let the far left do what it wants almost without a whimper. OK, sometimes there IS a whimper, but the point is that that’s all it is – a whimper.
    It’s almost, but not quite, too late to start responding to dumb ideas, comments, events and doing it truthfully, logically, LOUDLY and, most importantly, often………………..


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