Gruber Was … Right?

“If you’re allergic to Farxiga…”

The most annoying ads on television, now that the political circus has moved back inside the beltway, include a phrase straight from Jonathan Gruber’s playbook.

That annoys me. I’m smarter than most fourth graders. I’m pretty sure you are, too.

• “Do not take if allergic to Farxiga,” the upbeat announcer tells us 38 seconds into the ad.

Maybe Mr. Gruber was right.

Maybe Americans have proven their stupidity.

The FDA has regulated prescription drug advertising since the 1962 Kefauver amendments of the Food and Drug Act of 1938. AstraZenica wouldn’t put almost a minute of caveats into this ad without regulations.

Or maybe We the Overtaxed People aren’t smart enough to know not to take a drug we’re allergic to. More likely the lawyers included the Do not take if allergic line to keep us from noticing the This stuff can kill you line.

There’s plenty of stupid to go around.

• The Unaffordable Care Act requires each and every one of us to have health insurance. It’s a tax. It’s the law. Which makes me wonder about the radio ad running here in South Puffin: “Thank goodness for Urgent Care! I don’t have insurance…”

Hello? ObamaDon’tCare? I’m thinking a provider maybe shouldn’t advertise that people are still not covered.

Or maybe We the Overtaxed People aren’t smart enough to notice.

• And we’re now in the “open enrollment” period for health insurance. Americans with employer-supplied health insurance can freely join or change plans. Americans with ObamaDon’tCare can freely join or change plans. Americans with Medicare can freely join or change plans.

Whichever category is yours, your premiums are going up.

Premiums for coverage under the Unaffordable Care Act will increase dramatically in the Florida Keys for 2015. A 52 year-old Marathon man in with a Florida Blue “gold” plan paid $645 per month for his insurance last year. Florida Blue will raise his 2015 premium to $879 per month. That’s 36% even with common core arithmetic.

It’s bad on Medicare, too. A 71 year-old woman in Vermont with a United Health Care Medicare Advantage plan paid $0 per month last year. UHC will raise her 2015 premium to $43 per month. That’s a gazillion%. A 66 year-old man in Vermont with a Blue Cross Medigap “Plan F” paid $140.70 per month last year. Blue Cross will raise his 2015 premium to $155 per month. That’s “only” 10%.

By jeezum, the Federal Bureau of Living Management says the cost-of-living has risen just 1.7%. Have any of the MSM nightly news broadcasts reported how wrong that one is?

Dammit. Jonathan Gruber was right.

ObamaDon’tCare had the chance to fix all this. We had hope. He promised change. He really could have changed the health care system. Instead, We the Overtaxed People got the Unaffordable Care Act. Some Americans voted for this. Some Americans approved this. And now all Americans are paying for it.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

4 thoughts on “Gruber Was … Right?

  1. Herr Blogmeister, I AM™ fairly articulate; however, I totally miss the subtle treatment of this posting. I short, I don’t understand what you are trying to say. Sorry.

    — George

    • George, I prefer to tell stories, so that’s what you find here: stories from the front lines of the fiery pants brigade. I relate three examples of where we citizens have fallen short in fixing the very mess the government has caused: regulating common sense, believing that everyone really has medical insurance under ObamaDon’tCare, and accepting that a lie about premiums is “close enough for government work.”

      The sad conclusion is that Mr. Gruber’s offhand remarks were right on the money. And that hope and change is another Obamalie that really means “same old same old.”

  2. My sentiments exactly Dick. Rant defuses rampage and immolation. I reckon every sensible person is outraged and enraged. However, this Obama phenomenon is fueled by disobedience and wrong priorities chosen by those among us who are too busy to bother, ignorant of history, procrastinating, stupid, self-serving, short-sighted, vain, greedy, controlling, Lucifer worshipping, parasitic and thanatophilic to name a few of the many descriptives. Have you watched the movie “AMERICA What would the world be like without her?”? The people of America are uniformly to blame, excepting those candles, I being one of many, who spoke loud and long but were ignored, for this tragedy because they ignored the warnings for many decades, 2.5 centuries perhaps.
    “IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE”. It is said that “George Washington’s vision” was a fabrication, but it comes to pass. “Protocols Of the Elders Of Zion” is shrouded in ridicule, but it comes to pass. That title was carefully crafted to cast blame and hatred upon the Israelis and their supporters. Kruschev said we would fall from within. Conspirators ridicule the conspiracy theorists into silence. The war that engaged me for thirty years at my place of employment yet rages 5 years after my retirement because it is the same war that consumes America and the world. Through a power greater than me I won all my battles at work because I let myself be an instrument of that power, but I cannot win the war which is our Creator’s war.
    Signs in the heavens above? Last august the moon rotated to the right 125+- degrees but none take it to heart. I broadcast that irrefutable fact the other day but said 245 degrees to see if anyone would correct me. Silence. So, why do people remain silent about unpleasant facts?

  3. you are so right……..Mr. Gruber must be snickering in his home saying ‘huh…they think I’m sorry for what I said’
    but he was soooooooooooo right on……


    Bob Brodeur

    ps….I cant take a picture of my fountain ladies….somebody is fondling them in Alabama

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