A Distinct Smell of Fish

Marathon, Florida incorporated as a city in 1999 for the obvious tax advantages. See, cities have taxing authority. It scrawls across Knight’s Key, Boot Key, Key Vaca, Fat Deer Key, Long Point Key, Crawl Key and Grassy Key in the middle Florida Keys, right next door to beautiful South Puffin. The population was 14 in 1820 and reached a peak of 10,626 as of the 2005 U.S. Census estimate.

8,461 souls make Marathon home today.

Marathon’s Finance Chief oversees the city checkbook on a contract basis. Bishop Rosasco & Company gets paid $384,063 for their fiscal year 2013-14 contract.

384,063 U.S. dollars.

8,461 people.

As a comparison, St. Albans City, Vermont, had a population of 6,918 in 2010. It is right down the road from lovely North Puffin. In 2014 St. Albans City, Vermont, budgeted $52,530 for finance and a huge additional cost of $9,000 for audit and audit consulting.

$384,063. $61,530
8,461. 6,918


7 thoughts on “A Distinct Smell of Fish

  1. You don’t like smell of fish in any circumstance. But I gather THIS fish would seem to have been sitting out for a few days…..

  2. “Marathon, Florida incorporated as a city in 1999 for the obvious tax advantages”

    George Poleczech once said, “Follow the money trail.”

    In 2012, Mrs George retired from a corporate cubicle and left behind a half dozen *desk filled* offices occupied by young, college educated ethnic Americans, credentialed by Affirmative Action (and I hope that is descriptive enough).

    Regardless, her scheduled departure left the department in a turmoil.

    After her retirement the company spread her workload between three of the aforementioned people (young, college educated ethnic Americans–each of them credentialed by Affirmative Action.)

    So (and try to keep up), they used three college educated people with zero work ethic at $360k annual (minimum) to replace one $60k person with 33 years of proven work ethic.

    I realize that the words “ethnic” and “ethic” sound similar; but that’s where he similarity ends. The two words have no connection other than the hazard of being misused one for the other. But I know the difference, and I use them with care because Ethnic and Ethic are seldom to be used in the same sentence.

    So, what is my tie-in with “follow the money trail”?

    Well, the manager who hired the three replacements for Mrs George’s job is an ethnic man, himself–and a product of Affirmative Action. It was to his “ethnic” advantage to help those of his own ethnicity by giving them a job–albeit a job that they were unqualified to fill, even though it was divided by thirds. Do the math.

    Because of this malady, the Dept is in deep doo-doo; and this is a well kept secret epidemic of national concern, and one which is systemic of American do-goodism (Thank you LBJ and your “Great Society”.

    I hate liberalism and the donkey it rode up on.

    To Mrs George’s advantage, she works from home and earns three or four grand a month just correcting the idiotic mistakes that these three college educated ethnic Americans make as they muddle through their tasks of trying to do the work of one, now-retired Caucasian female with a brain.

    Mrs George loves America, and she loves the corporation for whom she worked more than 30 years. But she also understands the modern bull$h*t of Liberal, Political Correctness. So, she follows the money trail and collects her paycheck like a good American with work ethic should.

    And, as George Poleczech also once said–regarding liberalism: “Skrew the Big Ones, and dip the little ones in poopie doo”.

    End of rant.

    — George

  3. Enjoyed the ethnic ethic rant, brings back memories of a similar situation not long ago, while watching tax dollars being spent that could have been spent more wisely, in my opinion. Just got my DNA test results back, found out I am 5% Mediterranean, that includes north Africa. Is that enough to become part of the ethic group that benefits from Affirmative Action?

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