2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Gasp, Mr. Harper! You and Don are my friends, right?

    You, Sir, now have my cosmic trap blogger thinger which, like the eye catching red cars is merely a distraction for the three of you guys, I suppose. Please pass it along.

    Google showed me as I stared up and down the page, something in the realm of the global climate con job that you wrote and I’m off to read it.
    The **ffingtonp*st has an article which I’ve already bookmarked when I skimmed it a few hours ago–much to my astonishment because the ‘online giant’ is so extreme left, were it not for the salacious bits I’d give it a huge fail and kill my brain at…well, where ever.

    Can you tell N., that my g******* is absolutely copywrite free…

    A nice person apparently donated their picture of some fungus growing on a tree and ya’know, why fret over hanging on to that? :)

    Hmm, figure the vehicles are for tall people.

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