Serious Customer Service?

Customer what?

I have a “” email account for the usual reasons. Google is pretty good about filtering spam and delivers all the rest of the mail, often before it even gets to Mountain View, California.

Sometimes, of course, it delivers a bit too much mail like the mailing list I seem to be on from the State of Colorado’s Division of Real Estate.

As far as I know I am not and never have been a Realtor™, even in a past life. And the last time I was in Colorado might have been 1981 although I spoke to my fried Ron Smith in Denver just a week or two ago. Still they send me information about fraudulent cashiers and bank checks, job opportunities in the state, and, of course, voluminous regulations.

I think I managed to get their attention and get off their mailing list but I’m not sure. The technique had nothing to do with spamming the entire list. Honest.

sirius-xmMeanwhile, SiriusXM has been trying to get me to upgrade my account lately. I’m not exactly sure why, since I don’t have a Sirius radio in any of my vehicles and have no intention of opening an account with them. Heck, today was my dad’s birthday. He didn’t have Sirius or an XM account, either.

This problem took a “chat” with customer service.

The chat took about 15 minutes…

Danny: Hi, my name is Danny, Thank you for contacting SiriusXM. How may I help you?
Dick Harper: Hi Danny. I do not have a Sirius Account. I do not have a Sirius radio. I want you to stop emailing me account updates.
Danny: I apologize for the inconvenience.
Danny: I will make a detail note of the issue.
Danny: I am really sorry for that.
Me: Accepted. How do I turn off the emails?
Danny: , Is this your email address?
Me: Yes
Danny: One moment please.
Danny: Thank you for your patience.
Danny: If you have the Sirius account or Sirius radio only then we will send the emails.
Me: I do not have a Sirius Account. I do not have a Sirius radio. You email me *regular* account updates
Danny: Unfortunately we cannot stop sending the emails if you get the mails from the third party.
Me: They come from SiriusXM Radio
Danny: I see that you have the account with the SiriusXM.
Danny: And your address is 3.14159 Pie Road E Dallas, TX 75209-1234
Danny: Am I correct?
Me: No. I did not set up an account. When I tried to log in with my email address, the system did not recognize me. I am in North Puffin, not Texas.
Danny: It is on the name of J. R. Harker
Me: I am not J. R. Harker. The email you are using is for a different company so perhaps Mr. Harker entered his address incorrectly. Please find his correct address and stop sending his email to me.
Danny: Alright, I will make a note on his account.
Me: Thank you.
Me: End
Danny: Thank you for contacting SiriusXM and have a nice day.
Danny has disconnected.

The very next day, SiriusXM emailed us. “Are You Getting Complimentary Tickets to Your Favorite Exclusive Events?” they asked.

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  1. Don’t ever fill out a postal inquiry for anything AARP has to offer because they will immediately enroll you as a member and count you as one of the hundreds of millions of AARP’ers. After that they will not de-enroll you, and even after you die you will continue to be a member and will get their mail. My sweet Mother-in-law has been on their mailing list for twenty years — the last ten since her death.

    — George

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