4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Here in SE Texas and SW Louisiana we have a tree called a *Thorny Locust*. We put them in the classification of junk tree; and if you cut it down, a million small thorny locusts will sprout up from the tributarial root system that can extend for tens of yards across the terrain.

    My negro neighbor allowed one to thrive in his yard, and it grew to maturity and pushed over my fence while its wayward limbs destroyed his asphalt shingles and gutters. After he re-roofed and moved away I used a chain saw to cut a one-inch grove around the tree trunk to kill it. Two years later it is just now beginning to show signs of impending death.

    The new Nigerian homeowner noticed it and asked me what happened. I said the guys from the electric company did it because it was impacting overhead wires during hurricane season. Eventually it will die and fall on my fence or house or on some portion of his.

    I have never seen a raccoon or other masked mammal attached to it.

    — George

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