Politics as Usual

We like to think it doesn’t happen at home.

sinagra front pageJoe Sinagra, a Republican State Senate candidate here in Vermont, bought the “dot com” named for another Republican State Senate candidate, State Rep. Norm McAllister. If you clicked on normmcallister.com, you ended up on joesinagra.com. The site has been redirected since August 2.

Oh, Mr. Sinagra hijacked Mr. McAllister for all the best reasons. He’ll tell you so himself.

But he did it.

We like to think it doesn’t happen at home.

Back in the Dark Ages when I chaired the North Puffin Republican Committee a “campaign strategist” rode in on his briefcase and advised us to buy TV ads on the local station for a race for State Rep (the seat Mr. McAllister holds now).

But there is no station, I said.

“Buy on the Burlington stations then. People here watch Burlington TV,” the strategist said.

But our spending is limited to $500, I said.

“Use soft money.”

I fired him.

State Senate Republican Primary Results:
Degree ………….. 1185
McAllister …….. 1175
Sinagra …………… 404

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