Thor’s Trials & Tribulations

Google Latitude showed my friend Liz Arden near the Howland and Baker Islands, off Papua New Guinea the other day.



Except she was in California, about three blocks from the Googleplex itself at the time.

I tried to enter my own address. Google puts me in Elfrin, FL. Or in Marathon. Or, after I put in the exact street address, city, and Zip three times, down the block at 150 Abblesnaffy Road, South Puffin Beach, FL, 33040. Their map and satellite imagery are right for that location but not for 920 Abblesnaffy Street, South Puffin Beach, FL, 33099.

And when it shows my location, it won’t show Liz Arden’s which strikes me as pretty useless. After all, I know where I am.

Latitudes and attitudes.

4 thoughts on “Thor’s Trials & Tribulations

  1. I have never understood how to work Google Earth. All that typing and stuff. I can never find anything on their little maps, and when I do, I don’t trust it.

    My friend Habeeb cannot type. So, his son bought software that responds to voice commands in order for him to benefit from Google’s technology. The problem is he has to call the boy in to help him because the program says it cannot understand a freakin’ word he says.

    Now Google has a new privacy policy that promises to make me more secure. If everyone else has as hard a time finding my house on Google Earth as I do, I feel very secure.

    — George

  2. When I’m at work Latitude keeps putting me about half a mile to the west, in a suburban neighborhood near where a woman lives whom I stopped dating because it seems I would have to choose between her and my other you-know-whos. If this indicates her level of influence, stopping was a good idea before I really pissed her off.

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