Peeved at !@#$%^ Comcast

!@#$%^ Comcast is apparently readying us for the changeover to a set top box. It may happen in North Puffin. It may happen in South Puffin. It may happen in one but not the other. Or vice versa. It may not happen in either. It may happen in both.

Nothing on @#$%^ tells me for sure what they are doing and to whom they are doing it. Or what they’re going to charge for the boxes. Or when it’s going to happen. !@#$%^&ers.

Here’s what Rufus had to say:

“!@#$%^&ers indeed. But the basic boxes (at least 2 or 3) will be free. HOWEVER you will not be able to — at least I can’t — record multiple sessions on different channels while you are away, since you will have to change channels on the box.

“I have three DVRs and three boxes (but the timer software/firmware on one box is dead.) Anyway, I can record on three channels (or could if I hooked up the third box) (if I’m willing to set up each separately).

“There is NO tuner you can get that will deal with their signal. It is not just digital, it has proprietary scrambling.

“You’re !@#$%ed.”

Progress innit.

2 thoughts on “Peeved at !@#$%^ Comcast

  1. Gasp! I may leave my new TV in the box — unopened — and take it back to WalMart for a full refund including the two-year service warranty. I’ve done without for nearly three years.

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