Persembe Peeves

Victoria’s Secret used Kanye West and Jay-Z as their musical entertainment on Tuesday. Edgy. Popular. The beat was great for runway strutting but their lyrics are soooooooooo angry I wouldn’t use them to sell my merchandise.

Turns out Mr. West got 7 Grammy nominations last night including one for his joint venture with Jay-Z, Watch the Throne. I now understand why he and Jay-Z wanted to perform together on the Vicky runway.

I just don’t understand why Vicky wanted them.

6 thoughts on “Persembe Peeves

  1. There is a money trail to follow; but we don’t know the signs to look for in order to pick up the scent. But the scent of money is there; you can be sure of that.

  2. Money smells like Schweddy balls? Huh.

    The Vicky’s Secret show is an hour of pure advertising, so it’s always about the money. No argument. Perhaps I should have written that paragraph as I just don’t understand why potential buyers would flock to Vicky after hearing them.

  3. Potential buyers will not flock to Victoria because of Z and West; and that was not the intent. The intent was not to promote Victoria but to promote West and Z. There is more money to be made in West and Z than is to be made in undies, and use of the undies was a means to an end. Vickie was used. Sad, but true.

    That’s what the money was about, and unless *she* is naive, she must realize that. But money can cover many ills.

  4. Do you mean that Vicky sold her favors to Roc-A-Fella Records, Roc Nation, and Def Jam Recording? Oh, no! Say it ain’t so!

  5. Victoria has no secrets. All of Fashiondom knows–but is loathe to admit–that she offered me *favors* to grace the runway with my youthful frame clad only in the Lewdienudie Lutzsack. I declined because it required a complete body shave. (My mustache is my stock in trade.)

    Seriously, V. S. can draw a bigger crowd than Sarah Palin, and it is an acceptable attraction for most any American home’s television hour. I suspect smart promoters can see the value in such a venue whereby otherwise unreachable crossover viewers could become better acquainted with the likes of West and Z — and with whatever other products were pitched. “So, let’s put ’em on the show and see what comes up.”

    Remember, West and Z are nothing more than commodities for sale, and Victoria’s Secret is a heartpounding 60 minutes where emotions run high. Hell, I bet Anthony Wiener could sell autographed five-by-seven glossies on that show.

    There is always a ulterior money angle.

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