Thorsday Trials & Tribulations

I spent an hour or so in a client’s office moving a DSL modem from the single online computer in that office onto the LAN. Had to call Fairpoint (nee Verizon) a couple of times to get some support because I couldn’t talk to the modem via a browser interface.

Fairpoint finally told me that the circa-1492 DSL modem has no addressable firmware and can only be installed directly to a computer; it won’t work when plugged into the router unless I want to reconfigure the router (manually) every time the power goes out.

“That’s a dumb design,” I thought peevishly.

But it’s more than that. This client is a busy office that has grown over the years. Why on earth didn’t Verizon know to sell them something with the ability to grow back in the Dark Ages when they first went online?

2 thoughts on “Thorsday Trials & Tribulations

  1. Fairpoint promised next day delivery. FedEx says Saturday. I figure “next day delivery” in fone company speak means “we’ll deliver it to the shipper tomorrow.”

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