Persembe Peeves

The Twitter feed and other social network channels fill with vitriol when Ms. Bachmann or Mr. Perry or Mr. Paul or any other Republican misspeaks, prevaricates, or outright lies, but let one Congressman yell out, “You lie” to Mr. Obama and the world comes to an end.

2 thoughts on “Persembe Peeves

  1. Obama is a typical Chicago fixer. He even wrote a book. I took some liberties (literary license?)in regard Michelle Marie Bachmann. It was a joke on her eyes which the media tends to focus on. The thousand yard stare. Willard Mitt Romney is looking good at this point. Who cares if he is a Mormon? Sheesh: So is Mz Huffington, who runs the online giant.
    Like Robert Hughes, the art critic, I’m in a menage with a liberal on one side and a conservative on the other. I JUST LOVE AMERICA! The super-power that straddles the world and no one will mess with it unless they want a Hellfire missile fired from a drone.

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