Premte Peeves

General Motors CEO Dan Akerson has drunk the Kool-Aid. Mr. Akerson called for a $1 a gallon higher gas tax to get us to buy more fuel efficient cars. Mr. Obama’s man using tax to force social change. Imagine that.

It’s what you get when business becomes an arm of (and mouthpiece for) government instead of government becoming an arm of (and mouthpiece for) We the Overtaxed People.

3 thoughts on “Premte Peeves

  1. I’d lay dollars to donuts Mr. Obama’s peeps are behind the call, partly as a trial balloon and partly to remind the business community of what they can do.

    Besides, Mr. Obama walks into an election with 45% of the vote pretty much no matter what his poll numbers say now. His hard core supporters would applaud a two-three buck hike in the gas tax.

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