Prempte Peeves

The latest Dairy Queen advertising blitz sells us on the “mini-Blizzard,” a newer, smaller version of the thick shake for $1.99.

Great. That’s just great. DQ spins up a smaller product for more money and makes us like it with flaming  rainbows and shaving bunnies.


3 thoughts on “Prempte Peeves

  1. Thing about DQ is they’ve always had a perfectly tasty small vanilla cone that’s cheap and relatively low cal, if only peeps did not need big fancy foodles.

  2. I supported myself through last two years of high school by working at a DQ. This was pre-Blizzard/Belt Buster days when the shop sold cones for a nickle, a dime and 15 cents; along with malts/shakes and sundaes in three flavors: choc, strawberry and butterscotch.

    The hardest part for me was learning how to put the curl on top. A malt, BTW, is a shake with malted powder mixed in.

    I made $35 a week and all the sweets I could eat. The manager made twice that amount.

    — George

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