Heck of a job, Brownie!

If I lived in Gaza, I’d surely be peeved.

Long ago in the tiny Duchy of Grand Fenwick there hatched a plot to tap the unbelievable nation-building largesse the United States grants to pretty much anyone whom we bomb into the stone age.

The Palestinians, knowing this story, have been lobbing bombs and rocks and bullets as far as they could fling them (Israel) for 63 years or so and all that happens is that Israel spanks them.

Along come some rabble rousers in Libya (we don’t know who they are). About 63 minutes later, we send in the Tomahawks at a million bucks a pop (for a war that isn’t a war). Haliburton should be on the ground there with concrete trucks and “advisors” in six weeks.

We’re making a big mistake in Gaza as well as the North African nations now undergoing civil war. We ought not send in private contractors. We should show the entire region how the United States of America really builds nations.

It’s time to send in the big guns.

It’s time to send in FEMA.

4 thoughts on “Heck of a job, Brownie!

  1. The United States is an equal opportunity back-to-the-stone age-bomber. In Iraq and Afghanistan we are blowing the crap out of the same Jihadist organization that we are arming and defending in Lybia. Besides that, the Ivory coast is in civil unrest — the unrest being led by two opposing outlaws: one, a Christian, and the other a Muslim.

    I didn’t know there were tall trees on the Ivory Coast, but news reports that the Muslim outlaw which Obama supports — and why should that surprise us — is beheading fence straddlers in the forest.

    We need to get Haliburton there also, as well as Blackwater and that cocky little woman with the perky tits who drive race cars.

    — George

  2. FEMA is driven by ordinary business principles, and its budget is driven by how much money it passes out. For example, if it hands out $100 the first year, it can give instances where more could have been wisely used and smugly ask for twice that much the next — and so forth and so on.

    When Hurricane Ike hit this area I called the FEMA line to try and find out where their *ice* pickup stations were. The young ethnic woman on the line had no idea, but she was quick to suggest that I put in a claim “just in case I find some hurricane damage and want to collect on it later.”

    I recognized the liberal ploy and hung up — doing without ice.

    Two years later, here in the Houston area, we were hearing reports of belated claims for *Ike* damage; and I know whence they came.

    Don’s suggestion to bring in the trailers will guarantee the salaries of FEMA workers for as long as Obama has green ink. I agree. It is the patriotic thing to do.

    — George

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